If you're having board problems I feel bad for you son.
I got 99 problems, but a switch ain't one.
The year is 94 I need voltage to fall and all over my project write up Kirchoff's motherfuckin' law.
I got two choices yall raise impedence OR
Cut the power in half, throw some batteries on the floor.
Now I ain't trying to see no arcs or sparks today,
Plus I got a few resistors I can lower the rate
At which these amperes flow to get the coulumbs low,
Then I think what am I trying to change this boolean expression fo'?
Because it's a one not a zero don't want an LED to glow,
Plus I don't have spare logic gates to invert the output yo.
Am I doing things write or should I change some code?
I don't do wiring diagrams so sometimes I don't know.
Maybe we engineers need to lower the bar
Fuck that I got an academic rep I can't affort to mar.
But for a second I was stumped that much I can admit
Until I realized that I just had to tweak my wiring a bit.
Regulate all this switch bounce and keep my volts controlled not whack but all engineers know you need capacitors for that.
So throw one in parallel to something
Just a little capacitance like .02 farads or something
That clears things up lowers voltage a bit
Enough that an LED in series won't always be lit.
Realize how I could've just stopped current and it makes me feel kind of dumb...I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one.

Well done, redditor!

Ctrl+Backspace 为啥在Notepad 里不管用?

其实也不只是在Notepad 里不管用啦,Ctrl+Backspace (或Ctrl+arrow key/delete)这个非常实用的hot key 在Windows Explorer 里也是无法使用的,你无法在修改文件名时使用它。



其实Ctrl+Backspace 可是个Windows-ism 的 hot key 后来很多软件都支持这个,可为什么在Windows 最基本的Explorer 和Notepad 里却不能用呢?


The Old New Thing 的这篇文章介绍了Ctrl+Backspace 的来源。