The good side of Google Chrome’s shortcut apps

Ever thought Google Chrome’s shortcut apps (e.g. Gmail, Youtube…) were really suck?

I bet you do! What’s the point of this kinda so-called apps anyway? Aren’t Chrome’s Most visited page and bookmark bar better than this?

But… surprise! I just found the good side of some of these shitty apps!

Before install the Youtube app, the error message is really ugly, unfriendly, even makes you can’t tell which part is the real article’s content:

After install the Youtube app:

Ah! It makes sense now.

Another example:

I’m in China, Youtube has been blocked here for a long time (fuck this!), any web page that embedded Youtube’s videos would cause the web browsers to generate error massages, which is really annoying. This Chrome apps’ new feature, helps me a lot.