The pain of using random generated complex passwords

Nowadays all major internet browsers come with password auto-sync feature, some even had random complex password generator included. that is great! You finally can feel “secured” about your password, until it actually comes with a pain in the ass.

When you use the same password to login some website’s mobile app, if the password just happened to be a random complex password, it’s diffcult to input it. On all the touch screen keyboard, when you have to input a string like “KU=u3B:Kt_mo”, you get mad. So it is easily you miss typed a charactor or you type something wrong. Oops! can’t let you login.

It gets worse, some website decide to have aggressive protection against brutal force login try to login users’ account, so when you typed wrong password multiple times, you got banned or worst: force you to reset password!

Thank you instagram for force me to reset my password